Oasis UnderFloor Heat Pumps

For over 10 years Oasis has been supplying Under Floor Heat pumps to the best suppliers and installers in New Zealand.  3 years ago we switched to highly energy efficient Inverter Heat Pumps.  Our latest series of pumps the Hero Series range from 6kW to 25kW and can operate down to as low as -15º celcius.

Teaming our Oasis Heat Pumps with hydronic underfloor heating systems is arguably the most efficient and low cost form of heating your home.
We are the preferred suppliers to some of the best building companies in NZ such as David Reid. All Hero units come with a smart easy to use 5 inch display and are a sleek black design to blend with new house builds.

We have a fantastic distribution network of experienced and talented suppliers and installers  throughout the country that can supply not only the heat pumps but the complete heating system and design.

Contact us at sales@oasisheatpumps.com for any queries.

Oasis Heat Pumps